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‘The curious paradox is, when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change’ - Carl Rogers

We live in a hectic, confusing world.  It is sometimes difficult to find the space to work out how it is affecting you, to understand what is going on for you.  At All-of-You Therapy, we make that space for you and help you reach a greater understanding, give you tools for genuine growth

As integrative counsellors at All-of-You Therapy, when we work with adults we initially follow a person centred approach. This allows a relationship to develop between the counsellor and client.  Only when you are comfortable with this and/or if you are dealing with difficult to resolve issues will we use a more directive, psychodynamic approach..

We offer a full range of therapeutic counselling and are not restricted by the prescriptive elements of NHS referral, which limit your choices of emotional or mental health therapy.  An integrative or psychodynam,ic approach has been empirically proven to be more successful and to effect longer lasting, more substantive change than therapies like CBT offered through NHS referral, even according to their own research..  Contact us for more information.


Kerry is our lead counsellor at All-of-You Therapy.  She has years of counselling experience gained in other agencies,. Most recently she worked with survivors of sexual abuse in one agency and has worked with another specialising in early intervention play-led therapy for children in schools.

Kerry is an integrative counsellor using mainly  person centred and psychodynamic modalities in her adult work and play-led therapy in her work with children.

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